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Hi, I'm Zeica!

I'm a blue ninja! My skills of invisibility and levitation are legendary! Well... they would be... if anyone knew it was me! I specialise in stealth-pouncing my humans and mesmerising them with my intense blue eyes. Once they're thoroughly hypnotised, I settle in for some lap time and a cuddle, but then, with just a blink, I erase their memory and vanish again!

I'm really a very playful and energetic girl, and looking for my very own humans to entertain. I'm ready to travel any where in Australia for my perfect home. Do you have a catio? I would love a catio! But if not, I will enjoy an indoor only home with lots of toys and cat trees. I hope to have a kitty buddy to bond with, or a dog - someone who will play with me when you're busy or out. Mum says I'm just a wee bit tooooo energetic and playful for a small child, because I don't know just how awesome my ninja skills are!

Could your home do with a bit more life and love? Do you think I'm the ninja for you?

I'm desexed

F3 vax x 2

microchipped: 956000010823413



born 10 Jan 2019

a 6th generation Snowshoe, registered with papers!


Purrfectly excited to meet you!!

Contact Snowmitts Snowshoes, CCCT registered breeder No.7965 on 0402668560 or via their FB page:

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1 Comment

Snowmitts Snowshoes
May 24, 2019

Our blue ninja has found her home <3

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