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Registered breeders 7965 (Cat Control Council of Tasmania) of the rare and fabulous Snowshoe, we're a mother-daughter team with big dreams of seeing our Snowshoe overlords ruling the world! Or, at least, of introducing a few more humans to these wonderful cats; seeing them grow in popularity and recognition for their wonderful qualities.


Our small cattery is growing amid tall trees, dancing light and birdsong in the hills near Cygnet, Tasmania, where we're designing and building with cats and nature in mind. We aim to create the best lives and habitat we can for cats, humans and critters alike, whilst fully enjoying our beautiful environment.

Family-raised kittens are available from time to time as we develop our breeding lines. We seek to bring each generation at Snowmitts closer to the 'purrfect' Snowshoe - with emphasis on their wonderful temperament and health - whilst expanding the genetic foundation and range of colour variants of the breed in accordance with breed standards.

Snowmitts, breeding for the future of Snowshoes!

Welcome to Snowmitts!

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