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Our beloved neuter and first-ever Snowshoe boy, Tim! Timmy-tiger-toes, Timmy-purrs-alot!

Tim epitomises the fantastic Snowshoe character. He's an awesome, cuddly, shoulder-hugging personality. Loving, goofy, playful. Tim adores human company, absolutely lives for his daily walks on-lead and melts for a good grooming session.


He gave us 5 beautiful kittens before we had the opportunity to welcome his brother Monty (Skitboots Mont Blanc) who has become our resident stud. Timmy awaits his life of luxury and the company of his favourite girls. (Yes Tim, we're working on that!)

Skiboots Denali


Skiboots Mont Blanc

I'm Monty! I used to live in Melbourne with my mum Rachel at Wimski Snowshoes, but she and her family had to relocate to the UK. Without me!

I've landed on my feet here in Southern Tasmania, with my new mumma and girls to adore, though my sister Tam says nasty things about when we were kittens together. That's sisters for ya!

I'm an all-round cuddle bug and catnip fiend. I could lie in the catnip all day and just watch the birdies.

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