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Known here as Tammy, and our first ever Snowshoe girl. She's easygoing, charming, sweet, loving, and purrfect!

A seal colourpoint from white-marked parents (Alfacentory Karli and Bitzaglitz Storm Prince), Tammy gave us some beautifully marked kittens as well as adorable colourpoints.

Two daughters, Kodak (retired), and Tinkerbelle (expectant) remained to continue her line, while Tammy remains with us to warm hearts and doonas, provide her valued opinion and enjoy being the queen-mother.

Skiboots Annapurna


Skiboots Kitaruyuki

Oreo stayed with us for just one litter, as we found motherhood wasn't her joy.

Quickly moving on, she found a wonderful home and loves her new life.


Skiboots Uchiyuki

Now living her best retirement with her family in Melbourne, Skiboots Uchiyuki - whom we knew as Fudge - is a petite girl with amazing blue eyes.

She's energetic, naughty and always made us laugh. Her beautiful babies all had an extra dose of cheeky monkey to keep their families on their toes!

Two girls remained with us, Kuri and Tenten, who each in turn gave us beautiful kittens and retired.


Skiboots Tango

Tango, gorgeous high-white blue tabbypoint bicolour, is a super-soft cuddle bug and purr-machine!

Her kittens, many tabbies among them, were just as lovely natured as she is.


Before she left for retirement, she gave us Foxtrot - a daughter so much like her that we sometimes do a double-take. I sometimes think Tango is still with us!

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