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Tammy is our first ever Snowshoe girl. She's charming, sweet, loving, and a wonderful mum!

Despite having no white markings herself, both her mum (Alfacentory Karli) and dad (Bitzaglitz Storm Prince) were marked and she is 5th generation. She herself has produced some beautifully marked kittens and adorable colourpoints.

2020 will be a well-deserved rest year for our Tam.

Skiboots Annapurna


Skiboots Uchiyuki

Skiboots Uchiyuki, known as Fudge, is a petite girl with amazing blue eyes.

She's energetic, naughty and makes us laugh. Her beautiful babies have an extra dose of cheeky monkey to keep you on your toes!


Skiboots Tango

Tango, future Queen, is the most recent girl to come to us from Skiboots.

She's a super soft cuddle bug and purr-machine!

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