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Hime, the daughter of Kuri, granddaughter of Fudge, carries on the line for both sets of sisters Fudge and Oreo, and Kuri and Tenten.

So there's a lot riding on her shoulders, but she's blissfully indifferent! She is, however, our resident boss cat, in the nicest possible way - because someone has to do it. When she steps on your toes with her neat, tiny paw, and says, "Pet me. Now.", it's easy to comply.

Our otherwise sweet and unassuming Hime, is set to become a mother Spring '23.

Snowmitts Shirayukihime


Snowmitts Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle is such a fairy-like girl! This beautiful, petite lilac tabbypoint flutters around, keeping busy. If only (and I wish!), she could grant wishes!

We'll see, as we've asked for her first and up-coming litter to be tabbies. We'd love to continue on with a tabby girl - who would be a granddaughter to Tam and carry on the chocolate gene from her line.


Snowmitts Foxtrot

Foxtrot is our future queen who carries on the dancing theme for her mother Tango.

She was a singleton - an unusual event of a litter of one - and amazingly similar to her mum in both looks and personality. Super soft and purry, we're hoping she passes on her personality and tabby markings to future generations.

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