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Not a cat to be left alone all day, a "Sno" is typically an intrepid, loving, involved companion - thriving on human company and interaction. They will talk back and entertain!  With a sleek colour-pointed coat that ideally bears white mitts, tuxedo and blaze, the Classic Sno is distinctive, but not the only Sno. In fact, the white markings can extend from none, to 'high' white, which just increases the range of Sno's to love!

Snowshoes were created in the US during the 1960s from Siamese and the American Shorthair. After initial interest their development languished for some time and they nearly disappeared as a breed before interest revived. Consequently, there are still few Snowshoes worldwide.

Cathy Webb of Skiboots Snowshoes is to be credited for bringing the Sno to Australia; importing, breeding and campaigning for their acceptance in the Australian Cat Fancy. Her hard work and dedication to the breed is seeing love for Sno's and their popularity grow.

Our cats have come from Cathy's wonderful lines.

So, what are Snowshoes?

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