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Hi, I'm Bandit!

I'm a soft, sociable, gentle boy looking for a family of my own to love.

Kids are my favourite kind of hoomans, especially cuddly, playful ones... but cuddly, playful adults are good too! I love to curl up in a warm lap. Could you provide me with lots of company, cuddles and things to chase and climb? In an indoor only home, with or without a safe, enclosed catio?

Yes? Message my hoomans and apply to be my family-for-ever!

There's so little to say, Bandit is such a special soul!


Born 28/01/19

Microchip 956000010859262


F3 vacc. x 2


Wormed up-to-date

Will come with registration papers from the Cat Control Council of Tasmania

Snowmitts Snowshoes, CCCT registered breeders 7965

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1 commentaire

Snowmitts Snowshoes
21 mai 2019

Bandit has found his perfect loving family. <3

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