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Hi, I'm Pentax!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Are you my mum? Or dad?

I'm the little one - they called me Little Boy Blue! - but I've made up for it with pluck and determination! And I have big plans for my human - first I capture your heart, you feed me, tell me how awesome I am, then I snuggle up with you, rub your chin with my little pink nose, we purr and keep each other warm for ever.

Sound good? I'm great with kids too! Can you provide me with lots of company, cuddles and a cosy indoor home? I'd love a secure outdoor run, but an awesome cat tree and lots of toys will suffice. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Born January 10 2019

I'm desexed



F3 vaccinated x 2


fecal tested


Registered with papers.

To find out more please phone my humans: 0402668560 Snowmitts Snowshoes

Registered breeders 7965 with the Cat Control Council of Tasmania.

microchip No. 956000010823103

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