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Hi, I'm Leo, and I'm looking for my furbulous new purrants!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I'm a 6th generation Snowshoe, but you might think I look a lot like an old-style Siamese. That's because the Siamese was one of the foundation breeds we Snowshoes were developed from. Some of my brothers and sisters have white shoes and tuxedos, inherited from our American Shorthair ancestors, but I'm a seal colourpoint (no white!).

I have a loving personality and intelligent, playful character. I'm fond of the food bowl too and will be the first to alert my humans that it's less than full! I'm looking for an indoor home with a secure outdoor run so I can enjoy the fresh air. I love to climb and I love company! In fact, I need company – a human who is home most of the time or another pet... I can make friends with the right dog, another cat... even kids! (I'm training one right now =^.^=) It's super nice to be involved in the stuff my humans do – no task is complete without me! But I'm a mellow kind of chap, really. A cuddle bear.

Born January 10 2019

I'm desexed



F3 vaccinated x 2


fecal tested


Registered with papers.

To find out more please phone my humans: 0402668560 Snowmitts Snowshoes

Registered breeders 7965 with the Cat Control Council of Tasmania

Microchip no. 956000010558708

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1 commento

Snowmitts Snowshoes
11 mag 2019

Leo has found his happy home :)

Mi piace
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