Princess Fudge, age 3yrs.

This sweet lady is Fudge, (Skiboots Uchiyuki), and she is interviewing for her dream retirement home.

Princess Fudge is lots of cute and a little bit crazy. Currently residing with us (Snowmitts Snowshoes, reg CCCT 7965), in southern Tasmania, she has retired from being Queen and Mother of Kittens. She is looking forward to many happy years being spoiled, pampered and generally adored.


Her needs are simple. An indoor home with space, lots of it. A secure outdoor run, with trees to climb. A hooman to carry her around when her dainty paws are tired. Delicious food. Her very own doona slave(s) to warm the bed. No other cats to compete for all the love. Well, maybe one, if he were a nice boy she could boss around. More worship. Games.

If you are interested in serving her Royal Fudginess, please message her secretary via the contact form. We're happy to take our time finding just the right situation.

$550 to the right home in Tasmania.

MC 956000006255576

CCCT registered breeders 7965

DOB 17/02/18

F3 vacc up-to-date



De-sexed female

MC 956000006225939

Bred by Skiboots Snowshoes, Melbourne.