Hi, I'm Hanzo!

My mum tells me I'm a very handsome boy! Well, it takes a good bit of beauty sleep to keep up these dazzling good-looks, so I take my naps.

While my brothers and sister are running riot, clambering all over the human and climbing the walls, I prefer to snooze and rest these gorgeous blue eyes. Not that I don't like to monkey around, I just make sure I charge my batteries well. Then, you see, when the other little monkeys finally collapse, I have the humans all to myself /and/ I have loads of energy. Not just handsome - I have the smarts too!

Available to an approved home end of November, $1450

DOB 03/9/19

F3 vaccinated x 2



De-sexed male

MC 956000010520908

CCCT registered breeders 7965

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